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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Chaplain of Silence

It pleases me to announce to you all that the project I'll be working on for my Novel Writing course will be tentatively titled The Chaplain of Silence.  I've written and submitted my novel synopsis to my professor, and I'm currently awaiting feedback, but I feel so confident in the idea that I will likely stick by it no matter what happens.  :)

To give you a brief taste of what I've got in store, this novel will follow Dana Leah Haughton as she transfers to a brand new university for a fresh start after a particularly dark time in her life.  Once settled in, she encounters a peculiar young man who refers to himself simply as Charlie, who has encountered just as much hardship as Dana has, and together the two give one another the strength and stability the other has been so desperately seeking.  As the two grow ever closer, outside forces start to build tension:  Maurice, Dana's new boyfriend, begins to feel threatened by the time she spends with Charlie; a professor at Dana's university identifies Charlie as a former student, divulging details of Charlie's past that prompt her to investigate who he is and what has transpired in his life to change him so much; and Charlie's former best friend, Caleb, urges Dana to use her friendship with Charlie to try to save him, believing her to potentially be the only chance Charlie has at restoring his life to what it was before tragedy befell him.

The Chaplain of Silence will, in all likelihood, wind up being a realistic/mainstream fiction piece by virtue of its content, telling a tale tinged with morsels of comedy steeped in heartrending drama.  This is an idea that hit me initially about a year ago that I've meant, for some time now, to turn into a screenplay.  Choosing to turn it into a novel for my Novel Writing class has reinvigorated my enthusiasm about the idea, and I'm proud to say I'm just as excited about it now as I was when it first hit me.  I can't wait to see what I can do with this idea.  I really hope I see this all the way through, because I think I could really make this something worthwhile to people if I can follow it through to the finish.  The entire plot has been mapped out; all that remains is for me to find the time and energy to actually write the thing.  O_O  With a semester as hectic as this, I find it a bit daunting, but by the end I'll at least have fifty pages (the requirement for the course), so I'll at least have something done in the short-term future.  :)

I also haven't forgotten about my blog, or my nickname as "The Kamikaze Wordsmith From Hell."  I'm going to do my best to find the time to generate some more original content to share with you via my blog, to give you a real taste of my abilities.  I know I've said I would do this before, but I really hope to do more on here that will show you what I'm capable of.  As an aspiring writer somewhat familiar with the industry at-large, I know it is extremely frowned-upon to self publish, and as such I do my best to keep my better ideas under wraps on the off-chance I can turn it into something worth showing off for a little coin.  However, I find it hard to maintain this blog and claim to you I'm this awesome writer without letting you sample what it is I have to offer, so when I tell you I'm really wanting to generate something simply for the sake of you seeing it, I promise I'm telling you the truth.  I am going to do everything in my power to make something happen for you, so please be on the lookout for new developments.

Thank you, whoever you are, for checking in here and following me along.  Words can't express how thankful I am...that might sound like a lazy cop-out on my part to spare me the trouble of trying to express it to you (if I claim to be who it is I am, then SURELY I can find a way to say it, right???), but seriously:  no words I can muster to express my gratitude can satisfy me.  Again, thank you.  I hope this blog post finds you doing well.

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  1. I got to remember to check here more often.

    I have always been nervous about writing a female protagonist. I'd go with third-person narration unless you're sure you can get the voice right.