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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank You for 1,000+ Views!!! / Next Steps

First off, I am proud to announce that this place has generated over A THOUSAND VIEWS!!!  I simply can't put into words just how grateful I am for the attention you've given to this place.  Granted, these views could still be of my own doing, as well as the times my former professor Mark Mills has seen fit to comment, but I'm hoping this number of views has been the result of more than just the two of us.  :)  Thank you immensely for even accidentally clicking on this place.

I've been contemplating my next steps so far in terms of my writing, and I'm pleased to announce my focus is shifting back toward shorter work, namely poetry...this means I'll actually be able to post some more of what I write for you to see.  This shift is the result of my enrollment in an advanced poetry writing course with my university, as well as an idea I've had in my head for some time now to work on a collection tentatively titled "Geriatric Soul."  I'm actually working on what would be the title poem for that collection now, and will show off the first draft when I have it written.

I'll also likely be working on longer-length work as well, since I'll also be enrolled in a novel writing course.  While I'm a long-winded individual as it is, I'm a little bit daunted at being in this course because I don't necessarily have the greatest work ethic.  While I do blame myself, I do blame my mind's inability to silence my own inner critic unless I've got a deadline breathing down my neck.  I'm hoping to stay on top of things for that class once it starts, but I'm taking other classes that will require significant attention as well, so we'll see.

In some news unrelated to my writing, I've been cast to play The Joker in a short film being made by my university's film society, so that should be fun as well.  I've got a little bit of a reputation among some people in my major for my portrayal of Heath Ledger's Joker for a pseudo-acting class I was a part of, but I'm thinking they're wanting something a little less dark and a bit more Mark Hamill-like, so I'll have to do a little work on that before production starts this weekend.  I'm really excited about this, and I hope I wind up giving them a performance they can be proud of.  :)

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  1. Sorry that you mentioned me and I took so long to respond. So far you look like you'll do a great job as the Joker. I just noticed the caption on Poe's picture--have you ever written a Poe/Seuss story?