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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Opinions on the Florida v. Anthony Verdict

Not that my opinion matters all that much, but below is my reaction to the verdict re-posted from Facebook:

I feel like these jurors were waiting for forensic evidence to magically appear that never had a chance of lasting from the time of death to the time the body was finally located. While forensic science has really become the ultimate, defining evidence of crime in court cases (and for good reason), I think the downside of it is the way it has been portrayed in all of these courtroom dramas and CSI shows. More often than not, the criminal winds up linked to the crime by the discovery and existence of some forensic evidence. I think it's highly likely that most minds, potentially including the minds of the jurors, have been poisoned by what I'm dubbing "CSI syndrome." I don't think enough stories have been crafted and told concerning crimes with virtually no hard/defining/conclusive evidence, and I feel it is up to the hands of writers and filmmakers to rectify this.

I feel that the jurors might have been a bit too distracted by the existence or nonexistence of certain forensic evidence that they were unable to step back and look at the entire picture. While I concede that the evidence at hand was merely circumstantial and that there really wasn't clear cut evidence to implicate an exact manner of death or evidence to physically link Casey to the remains, I have come to feel that Casey's own character was, and should have been, the clearest indication of guilt. None of her reactions could be considered typical given the circumstances. She is, by and large, one of the coldest individuals I've had the opportunity of seeing. While I'm not entirely surprised by this, I can now definitively believe with more conviction that there are some really fucked up people out there.

With Casey Anthony more or less found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, then WHO DID IT?  Will this be marked down as yet another unsolved mystery?  I'm of the opinion that Casey is the only plausible culprit of the crime, and until I'm persuaded otherwise that is the opinion I will always keep.

Lesson(s) learned:  Casey got away with murder, and don't EVER wind up tried for a crime in which a jury decides your fate, because guilty or not you just might wind up screwed.

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